The dishwasher is an appliance you use every day, which means it is one of the main energy consumers in a household. However, there are aspects in their components and the working process that can make them more energy efficient, thus helping you reduce the electricity costs. Find out what to look for in a dishwasher so that you know it is energy efficient.

Look for the highest energy rating

Many people use a dishwasher and are concerned about the amount of water and energy the unit uses for a washing cycle. If you read some dishwasher reviews 2015, you will see that unlike the former dishwashers, the modern types incorporate improved working technologies and come with features that can help you reduce the water and energy consumption. The current Energy Label includes energy ratings from A+++ which is the most efficient to D which is the least efficient. When you buy a dishwasher, look for a unit that has an A+++ energy star rating because it can help you save up to 25 % more energy than an A class unit.

Get the size you need

The size is also very important if you want an energy efficient dishwasher and the ones that can hold more than 12 place settings are the most energy efficient, although it may result useless if you have a small family. Instead, buy a compact model or a drawer dishwasher that will meet your needs perfectly and will require little energy and water for cleaning your dishes. Large families should opt for a standard-size unit they would use more rarely instead of a compact one they would use many times during the day.

Choose units with economical features

According to the latest dishwasher reviews 2015, energy efficient dishwashers have an economy program button that uses less water and energy than a normal washing cycle and this program uses water at a lower temperature and reduces the amount of time of the cycle. You can also look for units that have a low-temperature button or a quick wash cycle that will also reduce their consumption.

Always load the dishwasher to its maximum

Although a half-load feature may seem energy saving because it uses half the water use din a normal cycle, a unit that has it will not result in being energy efficient because using the dishwasher only half filled with dishes will mean you will use it many times during the day. Choose to fill the dishwasher to its maximum, then select a water or energy-saving program instead. Also, make sure you scrape the food off the plates before inserting them in the dishwasher to make sure they will come out clean at the end of a short washing cycle.