Modern people are all about going “green”, and the biggest step that you can take to protect the environment and to lead a better and healthier life yourself is to turn your home into a “green” home. Read the following lines if you want to go ahead with this transformation, finding here some great “green” home renovation ideas.

JNH Lifestyles Joyous 3 Person Canadian Hemlock Home Sauna

A great renovation to make your home a “green” one, and a renovation from which you will have a lot of benefits is a home sauna, and no other model on the market compares to the JHN Lifestyles Joyous 3 Person Canadian Hemlock that you can acquire for the price of $1400.

This is a far infrared sauna that is ETL certified and UL listed, it uses 8 carbon fiber heaters to provide you with the amazing sauna experience, it’s easy to assemble, it has a dual wall construction, a see through door, LED lighting, a premium sound system to enjoy music while relaxing in it, and a digital control panel from which you choose the settings when you use it. That website features reviews of several indoor and outdoor saunas, and it is of a great aid when you want to compare different home saunas.

The benefits of home saunas are endless, some of the most important being the removal of toxins from the body, the acceleration of the weight loss process, and the improvement of the immune system, and for such a reasonable price it’s a shame to not have a better health and a “green” house at the same time with this single incredibly useful addition.

Empire Comfort Systems DVCD36FP30 Direct Vent Fireplace

All modern homes should have a fireplace, because it’s a romantic addition to it and it keeps you warm during winter as well. The only problem is that wood-burning fireplaces are toxic for the environment and for yourself, producing pollutants that are harmful for the lungs.

If you want to keep a fireplace, but you want yours to be “green” and good for your health and the environment, buy the Empire Comfort Systems DVCD36FP30 direct vent fireplace for the price of $1100, adding style to your house while keeping it “green”. In addition, if you go with the Direct-Ignition instead of the Millivolt, you eliminate the standing pilot light to make this unit even more energy efficient than it already is.

EcoSmart LED A19 13W Light Bulb

Another great change that you can make to transform your home into a green home is to replace all the light bulbs in the house with EcoSmart LED A19 13W light bulbs. They cost $25 each, but it’s an investment worth making due to the fact that a single light bulb has a life span of around 25000 hours, meaning that it will last you for almost 23 years. The EcoSmart LED A19 13W is able to cast the light evenly in all directions, and it’s definitely the choice to go with when it comes to a “green” method of lighting your house because it’s 501% more efficient than other comparable incandescent lights.