Hardwood floors preventive maintenance involves both protecting your floor from scratches and cleaning it regularly using non damaging techniques. There are certain tricks you can use, if you want to ensure that your beautiful and expensive flooring will remain intact for a very long time such as placing mats inside and outside doors to prevent dirt tracks from appearing. While hardwood flooring is supposed to the one of the most durable flooring types raising the commercial value of a house, visible scratches like those made by furniture feet are undesirable. This is why you should always place floor protectors under your furniture. Using rugs to cover the areas where you get more traffic or where the children play is another great trick that will help you maintain your flooring unscathed for long. Hardwood Ottawa specialists also advise homeowners to use certain cleaning solutions and techniques on their floors. Considering the fact that hardwood flooring represents a substantial investment, smart preventive maintenance is absolutely necessary for homeowners to have their investment returned. Following are some cleaning tips everyone should know:

Hardwood floors cleaning guide

Besides the obvious hygiene concerns, regularly cleaning hardwood floors is also necessary to prevent fine scratching appearing on the hardwood finish. Dust, dirt and even pet hair can scratch the flooring, so even when cleaning it, you should first use a mop or an electrostatic cloth and a dusting agent and remove the dust as the first stage of the cleaning process. When vacuuming, you should always use a floor brush instead of a beater bar attachment to avoid scratching the hardwood while trying to clean it.If you are not a fan of vacuuming, we advise you to invest in the best robot vacuum 2016 cleaner, which you can program to vacuum your floors as often as you want.

Regular floor cleaning is often not enough to completely remove dirt and grime from the floors, so deep cleaning is required from time to time. You can use any hardwood cleaning product, but make sure that you have diluted it accordingly as it says on the label. You can find hardwood cleaning solutions in Ottawa at every market, but you should still avoid purchasing the cheapest brand you can find. Do not use a soaked mop, you must wring it until it gets damp, because water is extremely damaging to hardwood flooring. If you decide to buy the best robot vacuum 2016 cleaner, and you are satisfied with it, you might also want to give robotic mops a try. They are quite efficient and can save you a lot of time.

Removing marks from hardwood floors

There are several types of hardwood floor finishes, so you need to take that into consideration when trying to remove a mark. You can differentiate between the hard and soft finishes by checking the extent of the damage. It is more likely for a stain to penetrate through the finish to the hardwood when the finish is soft, in which case you should absolutely avoid using sandpaper, chemicals or any other harsh methods, as a matter of fact. Soft cloth and dishwashing detergents are preferable, but sometimes vinegar works better with dark spots. If the situation is quite bad, as for instance you deal with heal marks, you can wax and buff the spot to restore the finish to its initial state. You can also sand the flooring, but only when you know for sure that you have a hard finish that can stand the abuse.