Although we drink it on a daily basis, we all know that tap water is dirty and contaminated with a bunch of dangerous impurities like heavy metals, minerals, bacteria, and toxic substances that threaten our health. We can change that thanks to some efficient devices that increase the quality of the tap water and make it healthier for drinking. Here are 3 devices that work wonders in making tap water safer for daily use.

The water filter

Nevertheless, nothing can match the efficient of a water filter when it comes to making the drinking water healthier. It uses advanced technologies that run the water through a series of cartridges designed to retain the impurities in the water regardless their size. Water filters can make the water look crystal clear, can eliminate the awful chlorine odor most of the tap water has, and can even kill harmful bacteria and viruses in the water. Water filters can be installed either individually on each tap water in your home and you can opt for the better version of a whole house water filter. This way, you will filter all the water running from every tap in your house so you can rely on clean water fro drinking, cooking, and bathing.

The water softener

Besides being dirty, tap water is hard meaning it has high concentrations of minerals in it, particularly calcium, which causes hard water deposits and limescale. You can solve the hard water issue with a water softener, which is a device designed to reduce the amounts of magnesium, calcium, and iron in the water. Water softeners can trap dissolved minerals that aren’t collected by water filters. Using a water softener, you will feel better on the inside and you will look better as the water you will be using for bathing will leave your skin and hair smoother and softer. The clothes and dishes you will be washing with softened water will remain cleaner and there will be fewer particles remaining on them.

The water ionizer

Alkaline water is known to be healthier than regular tap water due to a higher pH level that makes it more beneficial to your body. If you are willing o try the alkaline water diet, you can forget about buying alkaline water and turn your regular tap water into alkaline with a device called a water ionizer that adds ion particles to the water. A great feature of water ionizers is their ORP which is the oxidation reduction potential that makes alkaline water antioxidant. The pH level of tap water can increase above 7 which is where the health benefits of alkaline water start. You will find these reviews to be very useful in helping you find a quality water ionizer machine.