When thinking about the right ways to embellish a garage, most recommendations refer to those feminine details you could add to a cold, industrial looking unit. Well, garages are for men as well. It’s really not fair to expect for guys to search for nail or sharp tools, in cute looking boxes.  When dealing with a man’s garage, make sure it looks like one. There are no better options for such spaces than those garage metal shelving units. Metal stands for power, strength, exactly the type of message men would like to send with every rising occasion. Coming back to design, here are a few suggestions you will definitely find useful in terms of redecorating an all men garage.

Cars everywhere

Today, garage might mean storage or a place for relaxation, but the initial purpose of this space was setting up a home for the family car. Maybe it’s time to come back to that initial plan and turn your garage into a real home for the car and the right working place for any skilled repair guy. The best way to do that would be to invest in an all-metal storage unit, in which you could easily deposit all kinds of tools and pieces of equipment. Anyone can imagine that no man on the face of the earth will use the garage to adequately deposit last season’s shoes. The all-metal unit fits perfectly in the set, being also a solid choice for heavy loads. Place pictures of cars on the walls to make sure that anyone stepping into your garage will fully grasp the purpose of the space. The cherry on the cake is in fact the family vehicle, which should be parked in the garage. A piece of advice you might want to remember: mind your space, because once the car is in the garage, you won’t have that much free space on your hands. Choose your storage solution adequately.

Tile and wall paint

These are merely a few thoughts on how to achieve a proper design for a real man’s garage. The perfect combination is red, white and black. Here is a fun way of combining the walls with the floor using only these three colors. Go for black and white tile and turn your floor into a real life chess table. Use white paint for the walls, but at the half of the wall, draw a red line about 8 inches. The effect will be stunning. Also, this combination works hand in hand both with cabinets, coming in a single color, preferable one of three, and simple metal shelving.

Proper lighting

Since any masculine looking garage is one in which all kinds of repairs take place, you would expect for the lighting system to be professional. So, here is a suggestion. Invest in neon lights. Here are two reasons why. Not only will be offered with an adequately illuminated space, but you would also make your garage look like a professional car shop. In the end, it really does not matter if you are a passionate repair guy, willing to stay hours and hours under the car, trying to fix all kinds of problems. What matters is that whenever you want to take on this job seriously you will have the ideal place to do so, your very own garage.

Keep in practical

A great way to make your garage more practical is to install a garage door opener. Thus, you will no longer have to get out of the car in order to open the garage doors. Moreover, these devices are very safe, so you won’t have to worry about burglars breaking in your garage. 

Hopefully, these suggestions have given you a clue or two on how an all-men garage should look. The secret here is to personalize your space, style up your garage according to your storage needs and of course, your personal taste.