If you are struggling with lack of space in a small room or warehouse, then the perfect solution for you could be installing mobile shelving. This storage option has become quite popular lately and people from all around the world use it, since it provides multiple benefits. The most important one is probably the fact that it can be installed even in the narrowest spaces, allowing shelving units to stay one next to another. Unlike other storage systems, which are fixed and cannot be moved around, mobile shelving gives users all the flexibility and mobility they need.

What is mobile shelving?

Also known as mobile aisle shelving, rolling stack or roller racking, this storage option is a dynamic solution manufacturers and logistics experts have come up with in order to streamline organization in small spaces. The system is made of mobile racks with wheeled traction systems, which can be moved along the tracks in case stock retrieval is necessary. When access is not required, the units are normally closely packed in order to avoid taking too much room inside the space where they are placed. However, due to the efficient wheeled system, they can be easily moved so that you can have access to an operational aisle. Taking into consideration that the shelves are not permanently open and there is no aisle between the units, mobile racking enables you to save a lot of square footage. Less floor space is occupied, so it can be allocated to other purposes, which is not possible in the case of conventional fixed shelving.


Which care the benefits of mobile shelving?

The most important benefit is saving space. That is actually the final purpose of having a storage plan and by installing a mobile racking system, you maximise the results. If you choose this solution, you will have a higher storage capacity by occupying the same space: instead of having five rows of shelves and five operational aisles, you can get twice as more rows and only one aisle that you can open only if necessary. This means that you can double or even tripe storage capacity, with the minimum effort. In addition to this, the wheels provide easy access to the stored items, allowing you to create an aisle in no time. The units are operated by a manual pull handle (or a hand wheel driven system) and will simply slide along floor tracks, leaving space for only one aisle – as simple as that.


What is mobile shelving used for?

Given the fact that the units are normally made of plywood or other soft materials, mobile racking systems are not suitable to heavy duty loads. That is why most of the times they are used for academic or commercial purposes. For this reason, educational institutions (libraries, universities or schools) and office buildings have special rooms where mobile shelving is installed. Generally, units are filled with archive material (paperwork or documents), books or other papers that need to be preserved, but not accessed daily.