If you are seriously considering moving out of the halls the next year, then you should probably consider looking for private student accommodation. As a student, you enjoy the exact same rights as any other private tenant and this type of accommodation is considered to be the most agreeable for students throughout the entire United Kingdom. Nonetheless, if you are planning to enter the world of private rented housing, you will have to make several decisions of paramount importance. You will have to decide on matters like where to live, who olive with, how much to pay and the list continues. What is unfortunate is that many students make mistakes when it comes to this experience. Luckily for you, this mini guide will make your experience with student accommodation Birmingham less stressful.

Planning ahead

When you are trying to secure a student property for the next academic year, preparation is essential. While some places are rented through the landlord, others are rented through a letting agency which specialise in finding housing for students. In addition to this, the quality and the price of a rented accommodation varies significantly from one place to the other. For this reason, you should always see the housing and read the paperwork attentively before committing to anything. If you would like to get more for your money, then you can share the property with friends, thus splitting the costs.

The deposit

Once you have found a property that you are happy with, you will be required to pay a tenancy deposit. The landlord will ask you for a deposit in order to cover the missing rent or the eventual damage made to the property. When you do make the deposit, make sure to ask for a written receipt. Another thing that you should demand is an inventory of the contents of the house, like for instance kitchen goods. If the property will not be damaged beyond the normal wear and tear, your deposit will be returned.


As a means of ensuring that the rent is paid, the landlord will ask a third party to guarantee for you. This can be one of your parents or your guardian. If you default the guarantor is the one who picks up the bill. The good news is that guarantors have the opportunity to limit their liability by writing into their guarantor agreement. In this sense, it is necessary to seek legal advice from a housing advisor or an attorney.

Establishing your budget

The cost of housing varies between university towns, so you should know from the very beginning the figures for your area. Paying the rent is your number one priority and you should understand that when you sign the agreement you are committing yourself to paying the rent for the term of the agreement. The rent includes utility bills, so you will have to find a way to preserve energy. You will also be expected to pay TV licence and some taxes, so that working out a budget is highly important.