Many persons choose to rent a condominium rather than an apartment because they have to pay a smaller amount of money monthly. In addition, a condo is the perfect option for a young person who decides to become independent and wants to start living alone. But the process of renting one can be quite overwhelming if this is the first property you see, because you do not  know what you should look for. The best option would be to ask a friend or family member who has more experience in renting spaces, to accompany you, but in case you have to move in a new town and there is no one to come with you when you visit condos for rent in Calgary, here is a small guide on what you should consider.

Consider the location

The first thing you should think of is the purpose why you are moving. In case you are there for a new job, then you should look for a condominium closer to your working place, to be sure that you will have no troubles to get there. However, in case you want to rent a condo because you want to move from your parents’ house, you should choose one which is located closer to a shopping centre, and other similar places which might interest you. Also, you have to consider the distance from your friends’ houses, because in case they might want to visit you, they should not spend so much time in getting there.

Look at the appliances

Depending on your wishes, you can go with a condo fully furnished, or you can choose one which you have to decorate. In case you intend to stay there many years, you can choose to decorate it by yourself, and when you move out, take the furniture items and appliances with you. However, if you do not want to get overwhelmed by the stress of finding new furniture and buying appliances, you have the possibility to choose an already furnished space. In this way you will only have to move in, and invite friends come over.


It is recommended to take a look at the condo before renting it, if it comes already furnished, because it might feature some appliances and furniture items, which are expensive to care and maintain. You would not want to spend a great amount of money on buying cleaning products monthly, so ask the landlord what type of care the furniture and appliances need.