In most countries, including the United Kingdom, going to college means students have to move out from their parents’ houses and start looking for a place of their own. Whether they decide to stay in a dorm or rent another property, the UK student housing sector is annually fuelled by thousands of teenagers searching for real estate. For this reason, the industry has developed into a mature and internationally recognised investment, and more and more real estate experts consider it is worth investing in it.

How did this sector become so popular?

In the part years, given the decline of international economy, the purpose built student accommodation sectors has encountered a huge recession. Other relevant factors for this situation are the increasing number of students as well as the high unemployment rate on the job market, which led to poor economy throughout the world. For this reason, people tended to see education as the only mean to find solutions to poverty and global matters. As a consequence, colleges and universities got more applicants and investors speculated the great wave of potential clients. This way, the industry managed to prove it flexibility and in spite of the context, it expanded affecting the removal sector as well, especially in areas where there are universities with great tradition.

What does this expansion mean?

The increasing expansion of the purpose built student accommodation sector can be notices also in the number of individuals choosing to continue their studies. In cities where the real estate offer is affordable and varied, more and more teenagers see an opportunity and try to apply for high education institutions. Over the past decades, the conditions of student housing have improved a lot. Although years ago, bedsits and squats were something extremely common when it came to dorms and affordable student accommodation, these are no longer something you are likely to find in a specialised facility. Instead, nowadays most youngsters live in extremely comfortable condos, with an integrated kitchen and a separate bathroom. These ensure all the comfort necessary for a student living away from home, not to mention that prices are very affordable as well. As you can see, the ongoing development has not affect the industry only in terms of quantity, but also of quality. This means that students have a wide range of opportunities to choose from, regardless the area where they live or their budget.

All in all, recent studies have shown that in the last decade, the student accommodation market seems to have known a considerable improvement. Investors are more and more interested in this type of real estate and this can only be a win-win situation, both for them and for teenagers looking for a place to rent. They have multiple decent choices, for limited budget, as well as luxurious facilities where they can live alone or in groups, in case they afford. Even if there is no concrete direction about where things are heading, at the moment, the industry is still fruitful and resourceful.