It is quite interesting to read articles or see slideshows of how business offices can look. It is truly impressive to get a close up of what a bit of imagination, creativity and of course, the right supplies can do. From the classic, simple office that has really no message to send clients you could have a walk in business card, an office that could speak about your company best and make that strong positive impression on new clients you were hoping for. The secret is in decorating the office just right and sometimes, more often than you might have thought actually, this means investing in lovely commercial upholstery. There are people that keep away from upholstery, simply because they think that it is difficult to maintain. Well, now there are diverse fabrics used and it is really not that hard to keep all chairs and sofas clean. You would however need a few tips and pieces of advice on this topic. To start with, here are three suggestions in terms of commercial upholstery you could take under consideration.

The classic one color leather upholstery

Usually, most offices want to send a message of trust and professionalism and this is easily accomplished by means of leather upholstery. Going for a darker color like black or brown, even navy or dark green could easily enhance the feeling of elegance and therefore, professionalism. It is important to consider the type of business you run. For instance, both attorney offices and health clinics want to send out a message of professionalism, but they will accomplish it differently. While a lawyer’s office will go for dark colors, health clinics should choose bright ones.\

Be creative: flower patters

There is nothing that gives that feeling of hope and trust better than a bouquet of flowers. You could inspire your clients and offer them the same feeling simply by choosing a flower pattern for your office. You might say that it is not appropriate given the fact that you are a commercial building, but this is what being creative is really all about. Think of it. You would be crossing borders, sort of speak, you would bring that familiar, welcoming feeling in your office, so all conversations with interested clients will be carried out in a more relaxed style.

Geometrical patterns

There is nothing that sends out a message of structure better than geometrical patters. Do you want to tell your customers that you can be trusted, that you are a carefully structured company that respects deadlines and schedules? If so, then this is the pattern for you. On top of everything, you should know that this pattern does not run out of fashion. You make the investment once and after that you can relax because trends have their way of changing that will not be affecting you in any way.

Elegance and style can be easily achieved simply by investing in upholstery. So figure out the right fabric and pattern for your needs and your office will be sending the message to new clients.