The most efficient way to remove snow from your yard is with the help of the best snow thrower. Snow blowers are not only efficient, they are also easy to use and extremely practical. However, your typical snowblower that operates on gas can cause severe damage to the environment. It is therefore important to look for an eco-friendly device that won’t cause so much pollution. We’ve gathered a top 3 list of the best eco-friendly snow-blowers available on the market. Take a look.

Greenworks 26032

The Greenworks 26032 is considered by many to be the best snow thrower available on the today’s market. What makes this snow blower so popular is the fact that unlike traditional gas-powered snowblowers that are also more sturdy, this electric snow blower is compact and easy to use. Even though it’s a fairly small device, it’s very efficient at removing snow from larger areas. It comes with a 12-amp motor, so it has enough power to pick even deep snow and remove it almost instantly. The 180-degree chute allows the unit to discharge snow up to 20 feet. This lightweight snow blower uses a single-stage engine so it may not perform so well on rough terrains but the ergonomic design is a major advantage for those of you who struggle with back pains. In order to power the Greenworks 26032 all you have to do is switch on and you can start clearing snow right away.

Snow Joe Ultra SJ620

If you are looking for a way to remove deep snow from larger surfaces an uneven terrain, a good solution would be to opt for a sturdier and heavier snow blower, such as the Snow Joe Ultra SJ620. It features a 13.5 AMP motor, so it’s more powerful than our previous choice. Furthermore, this unit is made of durable materials, such as heavy steel to ensure that you remove even harden snow with ease. Another main advantage of owning the Snow Joe Ultra is the fact that it comes with an adjustable discharge chute that rotates 180 degrees so that you are in complete control when removing and discharging snow. Moreover, it comes with a scraper blade placed at the base of the unit to ensure that the snow is scrapped completely off the ground.

Toro 38381

This electric snow thrower is as efficient as a gas-powered unit, only that it’s more eco-friendly, so this is a great advantage. When shopping for a eco-friendly snow blower, it’s important to choose a well-renowned brand, and Toro as you probably already know it’s the number 1 brand of electric snow blower in the US. This unit is capable of moving up to 100-pounds of snow per minute, so it’s extremely efficient at clearing bigger accumulations of snow. Another main advantage of the Toro 38381 is the fact that it comes with the Power Curve technology, that is designed to prevent the machine from clogging.