About two decades ago, the main thing that people would look for when replacing their flooring was the way it looked, which explains why hardwood floors were so popular. Although today looks are still important, homeowners have to also keep in mind other aspects that do not refer only to their own comfort. Considering the dramatic depletion of natural resources, switching to eco-friendly option is vital and flooring is one aspect where we can easily replace materials without compromises. Laminate is an excellent solution if you want to give your floors a new look and, at the same time, help the environment.

When is a floor eco-friendly?


Producing eco-friendly floors is not that easy and manufacturers have to respect standardized rules in order for their products to be classified as “green”. Fortunately, ecofriendly laminate floors don’t have to be expensive. On the contrary, if you check parquet laminato prezzi online, you’ll discover that this material is much cheaper than other materials, such as hardwood or tiles. Floors can be marketed as “green” only when they are manufactured from eco-friendly materials, using eco-friendly processes. Moreover, installation should have a low environmental footprint and the floor should be easily recycled. Laminate ticks all of these boxes, which makes it perfect for sustainable homes. Installing it in your home may seem like a minor change, but you are contributing to the bigger picture and help the Earth become a healthier place.


Eco-friendly benefits of laminate floors


The biggest benefit of switching to laminate is that you are not contributing to deforestation. When hardwood floors are produced, thousands of trees are being cut down, which has a dramatic effect on the quality of soil and encourages global warming and pollution in the long run. On the other hand, laminate does not cause any of that. Since real wood is not involved in the process, no waste is being produced. Also, when installing laminate floors, you do not need any glue or adhesive of any kind, because they come as planks that you just attach to the ground. Laminate floors have a long lifespan and throughout it you will not need to use aggressive, harsh cleansing agents. Moreover, they are made of a clean and safe material with very low allergy risks, which makes it perfect for children or people suffering from asthma. When it is time to change them, you can rest assured that laminate is recyclable.


All in all, if you care about your health and want to bring your contribution to reducing pollution and resource depletion, laminate is an excellent option. In addition to its numerous environmental benefits, it is also quite affordable, so there is no reason to say no it. This material comes in a huge variety of colors, patterns and textures, so it can mimic literally any type of natural wood, but without the harmful environmental consequences.